We support potential beneficiaries in the process of accessing non-refundable funds, starting with the recommendation of the most appropriate sources of funding for the project idea, eligibility assessment and continuing with the preparation and submission of the financing application, as well as assistance throughout the evaluation period until the approval of the financing project, as follows:

  • We provide advice in identifying sources of financing for investment projects (European funds, State aid and other non-reimbursable funds)
  • We carry out the eligibility analysis of the beneficiary and the investment project in accordance with the requirements of the identified financing programmes
  • We develop the documentation needed to obtain the desired non-refundable financing: Financing Application, Business Plan, Financial Forecasts, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study, Supporting Memo
  • We are in charge of registering the funding documentation to the financing authority
  • We prepare the answers to any requests for clarification or additional information submitted by the evaluators during the evaluation period of the project.


We provide advice for successful implementation of the projects approved for grant financing. The project management services we offer consist of:

  • Planning and controlling the project activities in order to achieve the set goals
  • Support for the procurement procedures and award of the contracts within the project, in accordance with the specific procedures of the financing program and preparation of procurement files
  • Elaboration and submission of reimbursement/ payment applications for the settlement of the grant
  • Preparation of project progress reports
  • Continuous assistance in relation with the Financing Authority
  • Verification of the timely execution of project activities according to the approved calendar of activities
  • Assessment of compliance with all the provisions of the financing contract
  • Monitoring the indicators set out in the funding application and proposing corrective measures in order to comply with the initial plan.


We offer support for obtaining the following kind of financing from financial and banking institutions:

  • Investment credit
  • Working capital
  • Bridge credit for investments financed by EU funds or State aid


Through the Technical Department we provide to our customers architectural and building design services as follows:

  • Civil and industrial construction design, for all specialties: architecture, structure, electrical, sanitary and thermo-ventilation systems, fire safety scenario
  • Complete design services for all design phases: Feasibility Study, Building Permit Documentation, Technical project and execution details
  • Preparation of technical documentation for grant projects (EU funds and State aid) in accordance with the specific requirements of the financing programmes


We have specialized staff to support the efforts of clients and collaborators and guide them through the legislation and electronic public procurement system by providing consulting services on participation in procedures registered in SEAP/SICAP from the perspective of a tenderer.

We provide you with the following services with the possibility of collaborating in a tailored framework according to the needs of each client:

  • Identification of procedures and opportunities;
  • Registration and getting the specific documentation of the selected procedures;
  • Drawing up documentation and technical-economic offers and adapting them to the local conditions;
  • Maintaining communication with contracting authorities and collaborators in order to verify the procedures status;
  • Technical support in order to achieve the necessary optimizations for the internal bidding or rating systems;
  • Technical support necessary during the performance of the contracts.


We offer complete and personalized services in the field of human resources under the motto “Hire. Train. Retain.” Our goal is to identify, develop and implement the most appropriate solutions to help companies to have the best performing employees, to reduce expenses and increase the profit.

  • Staff recruitment and selection
  • Mass Recruitment
  • Executive search
  • Recruitment of Asian personnel and obtaining work permits
  • HR Consultancy: employee assessment, compensation and benefits, retention, talent management, employer branding, teleworking efficiency solutions, employee happiness audit
  • Training programs delivered off-line or adapted for the online environment
  • ONE2ONE training programs

We focus on flexibility and cost efficiency by delivering on-demand or on-call all services, to our office, partners office or a third-party location, on a project basis or by applying an hourly rate. In the same time, all services are tailored to meet the specific needs and objectives of each company.


Through the partner insurance broker we provide you the following services:

  • NNegotiation of insurance terms and conditions, analysis of market opportunities in terms of value for money and choosing the optimal solution as well as managing the insurance contracts throughout their validity period and adapting them to the dynamics of the clients’ business
  • Analysis of any existing insurance policies
  • Designing an appropriate insurance program
  • Providing information on the insurance market
  • Assistance in the settlement of damages and obtaining compensation

We offer all kind of insurance provided by the Romanian insurance companies, with which we have cooperation agreements.


In the context of the personal data protection requirements laid down in both the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and national law, applicable at national level, covering each organization processing personal data of any kind, we offer the following services:

  1. Company audit
  2. Preparing the report on compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  3. Implementation of compliance measures, which comprise activities such as:

reviewing the contracts concluded by the client as an operator or proxy, assisting the client in fulfilling the obligations regarding the notification of data subjects, fulfilling the client’s obligations in relation to employees, assisting the client in carrying out DPIA, drafting the compliance policies and training the client staff

  1. Post-implementation monitoring – this stage consists in supervising the operations carried out by the company to ensure permanent compliance with the Regulation, maintaining communication with the Supervisory Authority and constantly updating of the the company’s policies, in accordance with the constant changes in the field of personal data protection
  2. Outsourcing the position of the personal data protection officer


Through our specialists we carry out IT projects and offer complete solutions in the following areas:

  • Factory automatization using cutting-edge technology from Industry 4.0 & IoT, ERP & MRP, Big Data & Analytics
  • Back-office operations digitalization through robotic process automation
  • Paperless transformation through electronic documents management solutions, electronic archiving and digital signature
  • Complete platforms for online operations & eCommerce
  • Partnerships for innovation, research & prototyping